This is the website of Courage DFW, North Texas’s local chapter of Courage, an international Roman Catholic apostolate serving men and women who both experience homosexual attractions and seek a more complete spiritual identity in Christ.

Courage is a faithful witness to Catholic teaching on sexual morality, and we address the needs of our members with charity and compassion. We in Courage help one another to focus on our spiritual development, with the goals of achieving peace and trust in God’s providence and love. Courage offers a supportive, confidential environment to share feelings, experiences, information and guidance about living with same-sex attractions in a chaste and happy life. Courage does not embrace the necessity of changing one’s sexual attraction to seek support from our ministry.

The core of the Courage ministry is the local group meeting, in which members gather once or twice a month for prayer, friendship, and support. We do not publish location details in order to preserve the privacy of some of our members, so please use the “Contact” tab to reach out to us if this group might be right for you, or if we can be of other help.

Courage DFW is allied to EnCourage DFW, a similar ministry of support for family and close friends of men and women who are same-sex attracted. Click here for information on how to contact EnCourage DFW.